Q: I am wanting to know on the pole only system if a mat vinyl printed backdrop could attach to your roller (no fabric) option? Also if the material is 5' wide x 8' long what size bar would you recommend to purchase and look the best?

Asked by: Dean - 5/23/2020
A: Hi Dean, and thanks for your question!
The fabric that we mount to the rollers is 5' wide by 8' long, so the pole-only option for that size should be perfect as long as you mount it evenly at the top of the pole. Your vinyl should work perfectly, as long as it is not super-thick or a foam-type infused vinyl.
Answer provided by: Jennifer (6/15/2020)

Q: Hi, we are looking at purchasing a spring loaded rollup background system. We need a backdrop of 18% grey. how close is your grey to a 18% grey background? Thanks, Jason

Asked by: Jason Hall - 6/15/2020
A: It is very close, we will email you an image comparison
Answer provided by: Jennifer (6/15/2020)

Q: Hey Belger, Question I see you show a picture where 3 of these are mounted in a "stacked" formation. One on top of the other. I want to do the same thing for white/black and maybe green screen as well. Is this a standard way to install 1-3 backgrounds in the same space and can the product work as intended in that install method? If so I'll order 2-3 of them right now! Thank you! JS

Asked by: Jack Strandberg - 5/22/2023
A: Hello JS and thanks for your question!
Yes! We have 3 sizes of brackets available and can send these with your order at no additional charge in-place of the same-size standard brackets that would normally be included, just include the request in the notes during checkout when you order or send us an email after you place the order. You can also call to place an order with an agent to make the request. As an alternate method to achieve the same thing, you can add a wooden block behind brackets to shim out the bracket. (The longest bracket would be in the top position when mounting and should be your most-used color.
If you order by 3pm Central we will ship your order today!
Answer provided by: Jennifer (5/22/2023)

Q: Can this backdrop be painted with acrylic paint?

Asked by: Jason - 6/24/2020
A: While it is possible, it is not recommended, since the fabric will be rolled up onto itself which may be a problem depending on the paint you use.
Answer provided by: Jennifer (10/27/2023)

Q: Is it possible to get color samples of the gray/silver and charcoal dark gray? Thank you for your time

Asked by: Allen Meredith - 7/26/2023
A: We would be happy to provide small fabric swatches for the colors you are interested in. Just send an email to [email protected] with your request, mailing address and color choices. We will mail it First Class Mail. If a faster method is desired, please let us know so we can collect appropriate shipping fees.
Answer provided by: Jennifer (10/27/2023)

Q: does this come with everything i will need to hang it on the wall?

Asked by: eileen veitia - 10/12/2023
A: Hello Eileen and thanks for your question.
Yes, this item comes complete with all the necessary items to operate. You may need a few installation tools, like a screwdriver, but it is quite simple to have up and running in no time at all!
Your order will contain the Spring-Powered Roller Bar with your choice of fabric color attached, the mounting brackets and screws along with detailed installation instructions.
Answer provided by: Jennifer (10/12/2023)

Q: I am looking for a product that we can use to photograph animals at our shelter. We will need to disinfect the fabric between each animal. Is the fabric porous or waterproof? Thanks!

Asked by: Joan - 10/27/2023
A: Hi Joan and thanks for your question!
The fabric that we use is a woven polyester on the front and a vinyl on the back. There are two options that would work best for you.
#1 We can do a custom system that has the vinyl on the front-facing side rather than the back, which will allow you to wet it between subjects.
#2 You can purchase an additional piece of fabric to use as "flooring" so that the backdrop is not soiled or in need of disinfectant. We sell the fabric by the foot. If you order a 5x8 rollup, then a 5x5 piece of fabric they can sit on would work well, plus, it can easily be replaced and much more economically than the entire roller system.
If you would like assistance placing this order, please let me know.

Answer provided by: Jennifer (10/27/2023)

Q: I am trying to find a pull down system to take staging photos of my refinished furniture outside. I need 10 ft wide x 8 feet tall. I’d like to attach the the mounting brackets to the wooden garage door frame. I’d like to add my own fabric background to the system. Is this all possible?

Asked by: Nicole - 11/23/2023
A: Yes, this is possible with both our bead and reel pulley system and spring-powered system, but for that size, it would need to be shipped by freight which can be quite costly depending on your shipping address.
If you would like to proceed, please call our office to discuss your specific requirements so we can provide an accurate quote with freight.
Answer provided by: Jennifer (11/27/2023)

Q: With the spring loaded version of this product, will it stop/stay only when fully pulled out? Or can you stop it at various lengths? I am looking to use this to affix a map or print to when it is unrolled and only am looking for it to roll down 4-5 feet

Asked by: Samantha K McPherson - 12/1/2023
A: Thanks for your question! You can stop the retraction at any point you wish- there are no set stops.
Answer provided by: Jennifer (12/8/2023)

Q: Hello I'm interested in this item but I was wondering if possible to have the fabric about 2 feet longer , would also like the 3 mount bracket you have displayed in the picture . I would like to purchase with business credit card asap

Asked by: David vera - 12/2/2023
A: Yes, we can add additional length to the system. Please call to place this custom order.
Answer provided by: Jennifer (3/28/2024)

Q: Hi! I purchased your roll up system via Amazon a couple years ago in Day Blue. I'm now finding that the color is a bit too bright for what I need. Is there any way to buy just the roll in a new color rather than the entire system? (So I can plug it into what I already have.) And also, do you offer any other patterns like marbling or textured backgrounds like you'd see at a portrait studio? Let me know. Thank you!!!

Asked by: Burdie - 12/8/2023
A: Hello Burdie, and thank you for contacting us.
Yes! You can replace the fabric on your spring-loaded system yourself. We sell the fabric here (by the foot),

You can also order the wood slat at the bottom by ordering one of the following:
Answer provided by: Jennifer (12/8/2023)

Q: I am interested in this product. I would like a ceiling mounted unit that is 5' wide and 9' tall. Is that possible and how much would that be? Also, what is the material of the pull down fabric? Also, do you have the capability to print a design on the pulldown? I would be interested in two systems. One standard 5' x 9' black unit and one with my personal logo printed on it, if available. Thank you.

Asked by: Christopher Keogh - 1/28/2024
A: We do not provide custom printing, but can provide the additional length to the system.
Answer provided by: Jennifer (3/28/2024)