Reflective Mirror and Diffusion Flexiglass rolls

Reflective Mirror and Diffusion Flexiglass rolls

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Gold/Silver Reflector
Diffusion [+$40.00]
Choose from reflective or diffusion
#238147 Polyester 2 mil., gold/silver, 56″ x 18 ft. (14 x 5.5m)
Gold on one side, silver on the other.  Can be used as flooring/backdrop for glamour shots, or as a lighting aid for light reflectors.

#150012 Super Flexiglass/Frost Glass 60″ x 18 Ft. (1.5 x 5.5 m)
 Add the soft glow of frosted glass to images.  Props on the other side of the backdrop are seen as shapes. Easily cut with scissors,
360 degree heat tolerance, more neutral color, 75% light transmittance

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