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These Conditions outlined herein hold precedence over any terms and/or conditions that may accompany a purchase order, irrespective of whether Sample Store signs such terms or not. Our commitment to maintaining clarity and consistency in our business operations necessitates the application of these Conditions.

Right to Modify Site and Conditions:

Belger Photo Supply retains the right to enact modifications to this website and the Conditions specified herein at any juncture. Our intention is to continually enhance your experience, and while any updates will be made thoughtfully, we encourage you to stay informed by periodically reviewing these Conditions.

Uniform Terms for All Customers:

We extend the same terms and conditions to all our valued customers, whether they choose to place orders via phone, mail, or through this website. Our commitment to fairness and transparency ensures that all customers are subject to a consistent and equitable business relationship.

We appreciate your understanding of these conditions, which serve to foster a harmonious and informed interaction between Belger Photo Supply and its valued customers.

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