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Black with white and black with silver
Black with white and black with silver

Lighting Umbrellas

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Choose from a variety of sizes, and inside materials.

Umbrellas are ideal for providing diffuse, soft light with softer shadows or no shadows at all indoors and out.  Savage reflectors and umbrellas are essential and inexpensive tools for manipulating light in studio and on location. Our umbrellas and reflectors provide a wide range of choices to suit virtually every situation

*White/Black umbrella renders images with the softest light and the least amount of contrast.  Available in two sizes—32” (27” inside) and 48” (37” inside). Available with silver or white-coated rod and spikes

*Silver reflects the greatest amount of light back to the subject, brightens the image and creates the most contrast and the hardest light of all coated-liner umbrellas. Available in two sizes—32” (27” inside) and 48” (37” inside).

*Gold/White Umbrella provides the same amount of contrast as our Silver/Black Umbrella but with a warmer tone. It works well for outdoor shots needing flash/sun balance.  Two sizes—32” (27” inside) and 48” (37” inside).

*Transparent Shoot Through Umbrella is what the name implies; instead of reflecting, light travels through this umbrella. Savage Transparent Umbrellas can be used for controlling shadows and highlighting contrast as either key light or fill light in a variety of lighting situations. They can also be positioned more closely for portrait work than other umbrellas. Two sizes—39” (measures 33” inside) and 47” (measures 40” inside). This style drop ships from AZ

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