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Explore our exceptional collection of cloth backdrops, where possibilities extend far beyond what meets the eye. If the size or color you seek isn't immediately available, don't hesitate to reach out to us – we specialize in fulfilling your unique vision. Our inventory boasts an array of thousands of special-order fabrics, ensuring a perfect match for every fabric type, size, and hue you desire.

Precise Specifications and Notable Variations:

While we diligently strive for accuracy, please note that unless explicitly stated, all listed sizes are approximate and may vary by up to 5% in certain instances. It's important to recognize that colors exhibited on your computer screen may differ from the actual fabric due to individual monitor settings. Additionally, fabric colors may exhibit slight discrepancies within the same product from different dye lots.

Color Consistency for Your Vision:

For meticulous color matching across multiple items, we invite you to directly contact us when placing your order. If dye-lot matching is imperative, kindly specify your requirement at the time of ordering. We are dedicated to ensuring that your color vision translates seamlessly into reality.

Functional Standard: 3" Backdrop Rod-Pocket Overlay

Many of our backdrops come equipped with a 3" backdrop rod-pocket overlay, an essential feature that is included in the overall length measurement. This facilitates effortless setup and enhances your backdrop experience.

Custom Dimensions and Tailored Solutions:

Should your project necessitate precise dimensions, we are equipped to deliver custom solutions. For exact specifications, feel free to reach out via email, and our team will gladly provide you with personalized assistance, including custom work and pricing.

At Belger Photo Supply, we're committed to turning your creative aspirations into stunning reality. Let us partner with you to craft a backdrop that aligns seamlessly with your vision.

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