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5'X8' Bead and Reel Clutch Rollup Background System

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5'X8' Bead and Reel Clutch Rollup Background System mounts to wall or ceiling!
Part Number: 5x8-BR-RUS

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Turn any office, bedroom, exam room, or garage into a studio with our exclusive, made in America, bead-and-reel clutch manually rolling pulley background system. 

The simplest to use, the bead and reel version of our rollup system has a metal beaded chain that hangs down from one side (either side may be chosen during installation), you pull it in one direction to lower the background and the other direction to raise it.  There is no tension to set and no mechanical parts to fail.  The only consideration with this product is the 4' of chain that hangs down on one side. This item comes complete with mounting hardware that can be installed on either the wall or the ceiling.

The fabric is thick enough to mount in front of a window with no visible shoot-through light. Available in charcoal, chromakey green, digital key green, royal blue (chromakey), day blue, black, red, grey tan/brown, or white and with brackets for mounting either to the ceiling or wall. Fabric size 59” wide by 8' long (allow 3" additional width for the mounting space). 

Specially designed for teleconferencing, exam rooms, and photographers, this mid-size roll-up system is the perfect size for 3/4 shots.  Our exclusive rollup system consists of a wrinkle-proof professional-grade photographic fabric mounted on an industrial-duty metal bar and comes complete with mounting brackets and instructions. Custom cassette housing available (shown for display purposes, but is sold separately). ONE color per system is included with purchase.

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