10' Classic Muslin Backgrounds

10' Classic Muslin Backgrounds

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  • Seamless, made from 1 piece
  • 3" rod pocket for quick hanging
  • Sewn finish on all 4 corners
  • Machine washable
  • 100% Cotton

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Crush- Grey Cloud
Crush- Burnt Umber
Crush- Haze
Crush- Lagoon
Crush- Daybreak
Crush- Plum
Crush- Blue Cloud
Crush- Sandstorm
Crush- Topaz
Crush- Aquamarine
Crush- Dush
3-D, Stonewash
3-D, Lava
3-D, Sassafras
Crush-Dye, Seaweed
Crush-Dye, Harmony
3-D, Duet
3-D, Dragonfly
3-D, Thicket
Crush-Dye, Rhapsody
Crush-Dye, Berry
3-D, Shadow
3-D, Sagebrush
3-D, Silhouette
Crush-Dye, Moss
Crush-Dye, Harvest
Crush-Dye, Rain Forest
Crush-Dye, Chestnut
Crush-Dye, Denim
Crush-Dye, Ocean Blue
Crush-Dye Charcoal
10'x12' [+$106.25]
10'x24' [+$134.93]

Through intensive dying processes, we are able to offer unique patterns certain to enhance all of your fine portraits. All muslins come with a 6″ pocket on one end, along with metal grommets for ease in hanging.

These muslins are washable, but may show slight fading with multiple washings. Classic muslins are packed in a sturdy carry bag, dyed in the same pattern as the muslin itself.

Available Sizes:
10 ft x 12 ft. (3 x 3.6m)
10 ft x 24 ft. (3 x 7.3m)

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